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NACA Program

-Sound travels 4.3 times faster in water than air, having a speed of 1,482 meters/second. Sound travels 3 times faster through steel material, having a speed of 4,512 meters/second.
5 characteristics of sound waves: amplitude, frequency, time period, velocity and wavelength. amplitude of a sound wave can be defined as the loudness or the amount of maximum displacement of vibrating particles of the medium from their mean position when the sound is produced. Frequency is The number of vibrations counted per second, and is measured in Hz (hurts). The time taken to complete one vibration in the density of the medium is called the time period of the sound wave. The sound velocity through a given material is the distance that the sound energy will propagate in that material in a given time. wavelength pertains to the distance that wave travels before it repeats itself.


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